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So, how's that nerds? I hope you gonna get the best out of this PHP 5. loop!
It should work quite properly with any Apache Xampp or Wamp locally, since this loops which you see here live run on Database Maria and Php7! Despite it looks like 2003 most UK websites! However, kind I like better in this way! That's why I left the Meta Procedure Path as the book! Just for a while! You know? This is not exactly the place like back in UK or something! I'll sure gonna be treated as a thief as when 17 at my mother's mother's! I can tell this much already!
Ah! I forgot to tell ya! This version is not really the latest, which was damaged by Sammy Basty! Well, not really! However, there are a few files missing and treated separately, which means uploading audio and video files and in the same time insert and update the database! Moreover, other files which worked all right but I suppose you'll gonna know about in my next book! Then it came across Php7 and I said to myself:"I'm gonna to re-design all over from scratch! And so I did! However, the audio uploader worked fine up to 15 MB, the problem was the video which even if I tested with few videoclips it worked Ok but yet so so! But, this is not the point! The point is that, that algorhytm was dedsigned on the same mechanics or flow chart of image file upload, which works, or worked, if I did not change the loop cause I made many, often reversing, with text and plain files! Well, the uploading/downloading loops started with deadbunny visual basic mediaplayer and web-browser programs, but since I'm in a middle of a mess here, it, indeed, terribly, slowed down! I think! So, the point is, if you like, on that design, you can create an upload audio files as for deadbunny project all by your own. The program it is already, and I used it for a while, until I switched to Soundcloud! A lazy cool way! But I did not give you that loop because it was treated as a separated folder or mp3 uploader control panel! This one too will be in my next book, probabily in php7 and hopefullly integrated with my visual basic media player graphic user interface! The same with videos, which is the last in the queue so far! So, your version of deadnunny present a few cool tricks but a few missing, this time! But I tell you, the audio/video upoad and store into database files works almost as blog image upload files!
However, never mind! I wish you all the best Christmas!
They love the kind which love playing the professor outside a Bar! Or in the best cases sit a French style Cafe', with Franklyn style reading glasses on the top of their nose, white hat and beard!
well. way to go!
Please Nerds, if you would like to wish me something! Do not wish me anything like swear on child grave!
Wait, wait! On my mother riches and goods!
None of this, but just a place where write "Ulyx" in peace and quite! If not! Well, what the hell with it!
Ah! And happy new year though! Ah?

Tony Almighty!

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Check it out my latest book Penelopes! It's all about Zend Based Design! I hope you're gonna enjnoy it! beside I take the chance to say thank you to the very great number of nerds and developers which gave a look to my Software Books and so did indeed download my Daedalus Software!

Thank you and Merry Christmas you all!

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The New Yorker.[The book of the void] The Destruction. All the Empires of the world had, have and always will have only one chance, it never happened twice, never happen and never will! The ones still living nostalgic dreams about that, just wrap themselves in solid spider web of the old memories that keep them blind and pull them back, rendering them not capable to do the right steps, the modern steps. Every era has a door to be opened first, the necessary door between the yesterday and the tomorrow, called the ‘today‘, the door to be closed behind for good. But this is a scary door, the unknown; and only the one that possess the key could open and finally close it behind, this key is called 'courage'. Most culture will never walk through that door, or walking through too late or never enjoy it because they feel safe in what they were long ago, that's what today are only ghosts, ghosts that scare them, frighten them or even kill them if they walk out their door, the security door. But this is only a useless attempt to keep floating in the decadence. In the past, during these years of the culmination of a political, historical and economic cycle, usually they wore golden masks, that gave them the 'Baroque' look of splendour, but at the end it was only a last attempt to preserving a lost memory, like having the hobby of stuffing dead animals. A classic 'too much spoils', and the architectural structures gave the best example about that process of reviving old concepts and rules saturation! Creating the art of emptiness and the culture of the nostalgic! Mirrors that trapped them for several years and that at the end penalized them not only in intellectual matters, but also in political end economical matters. It as a intellectual decadence, the sunset of a kind of society and culture; empire or not, power or not, a process that led them to complete that cycle. A single individual or a powerful empire are in function of a common destiny or natural course, they could be considerate as the material physical event result of the following simple arithmetical proportion of: 1:1 = 2:2 or of the following sequence of 2 + 4 - 4 * 2 / 4 in proportion with 4 + 16 - 16 * 4 / 16 one. In other words, in the material infinite finite universe, all the smallest particles or objects and the biggest containing or made of smallest too, because finite, must follow the cycle or share the same properties of the all the finite material physical objects universe they belong to, that means, for example: a cell is created, performs a series of physical events and been destroyed.

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Hi, this is your first Blog, to authenticate the registration, do not delete, please! Tony Almighty

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My name is Carmine Rendina, I am a freelance software and web developer and designer since the early years of this new millenium, unfortunally I am not John Doe, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, so I have to live with that; moreover I failed to become the greatest painter of the century, the new Oscar Wilde and a Jazz-Rock walking legend and I think I have to live with that also. However, beside the jokes, I've seen that my last 8 years of software demo projects and more have rose tremendly in popularity, so I decided to publish them not only as a web programmer but also as a President's secretary. I thought to open a little school too, but I might get someone upset, so, by now I'd like to prefer it as informal way to publish my works and projects for students, learners, nerds and wizards. Despite my fame and well known polularity all around the globe, I am not an English man, nor American, nor Canadian and nor Australian either, in fact, I come from Naples, Italy, so I am used from very, very long time to garbage collection method and mechanism, even if, if you ask me, I still don't get the point of it in programming languages constituited of routines, it's like calling a piece of junk, rubbish! Of course I know several computer languages and mainframes and more, but, basically, I am still stuck with the old good Visual Basic, by now! But this doesn't mean that I forgot or neglected where I started, which means C++ and Java, there is always the moment to Java up, especially when you are sick and tired of what you see! Therefore, my latest works about the C language are more concerned to work in a mixed technique project that I hope to publish for the next year, I think! and I didn't neglect my web programming either, in fact I consider my last project, Apache Website, one of the most beautifull web design I've ever made, you'll find out more info in my last book, Daedalus. Anyway, my programming popularity is not due all to my demo themselves but also because my dreadfull fame as painter, writer and musician, so, to keep the illusion or if you like, the delusion, I dedicated a few links and pages to those programmers and not who are still hungry for more! I have been living quite long time by now, somewhere around Manchester, England, so, I am used to green days either, so far I rose a little family in here, a wife, well, sort of, Adriana and three beautifull bugs, pardon! Children, Laura, my awfull fine one! Claudio, always good for a laugh and Federico, which makes people wish they were younger. I wish a place in the sunshine for them all, but with my umbrellas they can afford anywhere, I think, or perhaps, so far, for a little while! I hope I don't need to tell the story of my life in here, well, you can always read my books if you want to, so let's get into it! By the way enjoy my Zen website!

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User: Eva9000

Hi, this is your first Blog, to authenticate the registration, do not delete, please! Tony Almighty

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