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Eva9000 Contacts page.

In this page you can find all the links and numbers that you need of.
So, for anything you may need for help, assistance or for being designed a brand new challanging project or even a reverse one, just ask, I won't be too much busy to answer a question. Anyway, in this page you'll find my Websites, E-mail, telephone Numbers, Clouds and more, anything you may need, even just for a date!
Good luck with that!!!

Eva9000 Contacts.

Websites, mail and numbers.
I hope you liked the President's segretary style website! Despite the fact that I kept it as much as a programmer-like one, in case you had enjoyed what you have seen, do not esitate to ask. I might start to think to design some templates of my own, for free download of course, but if you need something quite unique, well, you know my numbers above. Happy coding to anyone!

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