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Eva9000 DeadBunny Project Page.

In this page you can find all the fun and the amusement you need when you are bored in the office, on Monday.
Therefore some dreadfull tricks to scare your friends away (especially the most invited ones) or if you want to play a little magician when the party is over!
Good luck with that!!!

About DeadBunny Projects.

Several years have passed by since the first tracks had been composed, 10 exactly, but yet, because the hangry demand of more the 700.000 listeners of the last few years, 4, exactly, I feel to re-propose them again and again, still now, still today! I hope you all are going to have some fun other then get angry, mad, upset an frustated!

However, for any issue, curiosity, complain, (move out, murder, rape, damage to belongings and beloved and else) advice, help, suggestion or even for an audition or else, just ask, I mean email me, because my telephone line is from too many years eavesdropped by 007 SS, CIA, FBI, KGB and who knows who else, it seems for ever by now; anyway, I will be very glad to listen to your voice doesn't matter if you are not a walking legend yet! Despite my very low budget, you're very welcome!
By the way check it out for DeadBunny Official Page, same loop in black boot!

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