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The material of this website is distributed under the Save Creative License. You can download and modify it as you like, but please bare in your mind that several projects are suject to Copyrights. If you're having a hard time with those demo projects and issues just contact me. I'll modify them or even create a unique design for you. Meanwhile have fun listening!

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Programming is not just matter of writing or counting or thinking about what's next by probems, but see the need feel the need! No real program is ever developed beside its scope, it's always a real specification which makes a program or most of the time! However, these program, which might be useful in real life can be also educative, and if so, well, it's a programming course by practical examples! Anyway, students, nerds, beginners, wizards and industrial spies enjoy and happy coding!

Although I widely prefer the simplicity and power of Zend CSS-based design, like this page. I do not disike the latest techniques which some examples can be viewed in this page.


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In this page you can find the several world wide well known and renewed and from way too many (God damn), feared, books of mine. This books collection is divided in two parts, software programming books and what happens to many programmers used to write, write, write and write when stuck or bored and so putting down a pen on a piece of paper to scribble around in that meanwhile! Or perahps when they fall in love with ...

They use to say, you'll really know somoeone but in a love letter.

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Several links will regard my last works, so, you don't go crazy to find out everywhere! My last work, however, Apache Website, built with my own web-server, hard-drive and machine is temporary closed for Holiday, but for now is part of my book Deadalus.
However, enjoy your download and good work to anyone!

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I aknowlege the gentle viewer that most of the works published are quite genuine and honest.